Are you ready to feel good and sound good with every note you play on the guitar?

If so, please join me, as l walk you through every step on the path so you can play the guitar beautifully when you enroll in our course.

From the basics of how to hold the guitar with proper body alignment all the way to playing beautiful music on the guitar.

Learn the guitar in a relaxing meditative way to clear your mind, sound good, and feel good!!!

Develop your inner music and be in the moment.

Relax the mind and be present with music.


A mindful yogic approach to playing the guitar with ease and joy.

  • PLAY fun, embodied meditative musical practices that cover every aspect of playing the guitar.

  • LEARN efficient yogic right and left hand techniques by playing actual music!

  • DISCOVER how music work as a mindfulness meditation.

  • DEVELOP Muscle memory plus music is key to quick and efficient progress!!!

  • FIND how to effectively engage with your practice sessions to get the most satisfaction.

  • EXPLORE how to create your own personal musical meditations on the guitar.

The Yoga of Guitar Online Journey gives you the path to connect with your guitar, music, and inner self while joyfully making noticeable improvements!

  • You'll be surprised as to how easy music can be to learn the guitar using the 'harmonic mindset'!

  • Tips and tricks to learn your favorite songs faster and get the most out 'youtube vids.'

  • Learn how to keep expanding your capabilities and keep growing!

  • The ability to use rhythm and groove to connect deeply into the meditative state.

  • Learn the 'feeling quality' of time and use it to feel steady, aligned, harmonious, strong, and expansive!

This is what you've been waiting for!

  • Go with the flow and make progress!

  • Learn Creative Expression!!

  • The dos and 'dont's' of learning music.

  • Avoid old mistakes and embrace the opportunity of always playing beautifully and enjoying the journey!!




  • Relaxing music meditations that you'll learn as your musical play.

  • Breath of music practices to help you connect deeper with yourself and the music you are playing!
  • A wealth of helpful resources including guided meditations, music and mindfulness videos, inspiring encouraging musical games, challenges, and much more!

  • Very effective productive practice tools to increase your results and help keep you accountable!

  • Fell thoroughly supported!!!!!!!

  • All students who complete the course will be able to play the guitar beautifully and with ease!!!

All Lessons Are Taught as Meditations to Cover Every Aspect of Playing the Guitar Including:

  • Body Position and Alignment
  • Calm Mindset
  • Rhythm
  • Finger Picking
  • Meditation
  • Chords
  • Strumming
  • Mindfulness
  • Breath Exercises
  • Learning the Notes and Fret-Board
  • Deeply Engaging Philosophical Presentations based on the Ancient Yoga Sutra Texts


  • The Guitar Basics — We'll discuss all the basics from the ground up giving you a strong foundation to move forward with ease. I believe it's incredibly important to know some fundamentals to begin with.

  • The Brilliance of Music — How does music work? What are all the moving parts and why are they important to guitar yogis?

  • Mindfulness — We'll discuss why mindfulness it's so important to all aspects of playing music and how to play the guitar as a meditation.

  • Body Alignment — What do you need to know to play the guitar with ease? We'll discuss how the guitar is a movement practice and why embodied awareness is so important to your progress.

  • Learning the Chords — This is one of the most important sections of the entire class. It will train your BODY to think in chords and give you the tools to learn any song you wish!!!

  • Rhythm and Flow — How can we use our inner rhythm and connect with the flow state? We'll also discuss the secret to finding your 'inner tempo' using strumming and finger-picking patterns.

  • Mindset Lessons — Where does our mind go? How do you use intention? How do you make focus better? We'll cover it all!

  • Simple Beautiful Music — Meditative music allows for many different approaches; we'll learn how to use the concept of 'simple beautiful music' to create deeper engagement in our guitar play!

  • Your Inner Music— The best part about music is how expressive it can be. We'll go over how to find your inner musician and have a new form of creative outlet and expression!

  • Breath of Music — How does breath and music move together with rhythm? We'll learn guitar breath work practices (pranayama).

  • Efficient and Productive Practice — We'll learn the principles of a productive practice session. What's too much? What's not far enough?

  • Yogic Philosophy — Once you've become familiar with this ancient view on harmonized living, you'll see how applicable it is for both music and a better quality of life!

  • Sequential learning — Step by step, note by note, and all the while sounding good, feeling relaxed and fulfilled!!


This yoga of guitar journey will provide you with the tools it takes to play the guitar with ease.

Sound good and feel good as you develop a musical meditation practice that reduces stress and increases well being.

You will learn everything you need to play the guitar with mindfulness.

You will have all the basics to learn your favorite songs while having a joyful and fulfilling experience at the same time.

In this deep and engaging transformational guitar journey, you will learn the wisdom and core knowledge of the Yoga of Guitar as a mindfulness exploration.

Using mindfulness is an amazing way to help you develop your guitar skill-set, experience immediate improvements, and feel the joy of playing music that harmonize the body, mind, and soul.


You will learn in detail how to best utilize your practice sessions and of course, how to play beautiful music on the guitar and feel the bliss that music brings us!

  • Feel great every time you play guitar

  • Find inner calm with the relaxed stress reducing musical meditations

  • Experience the joy of music

  • Tune into a greater blissful harmony with you and the guitar

  • Connect deeper with music

Through this journey you will transform into a guitar yogi!!

You will feel great, you will sound great with every note you play!

You will have a great foundation to take your guitar journey to the next level!

This benefits everyone from the first-time guitar yogi to the experienced pro!!!

In their own words:


About Your Instructor

Josh Brill is a devotee, student, and teacher of music. He is an acclaimed guitarist and producer, founder of Yoga of Guitar, Yoga of Ukulele, and a transformational music coach with over 33 years of experience.

A student of music since the age of 8 and a meditation practitioner since 20, Josh Brill is devoted to creating a more harmonious humanity with music.

Josh's mission is to support people on their musical journey and release more transcendentally beautiful music into our world.

With over 28 years of music teaching experience including a position teaching at Berklee College of Music, Josh combines his vast experience as a professional musician and as a master teacher to educate internationally on the power of music as a mindfulness practice.

Josh's life and career as a professional musician further developed and evolved through his work and participation with Robert Fripp and the Guitar Craft/Guitar Circle and Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists courses and projects.

As a musical artist, Josh's current focus is on producing and releasing music as medicine. Medicine music intentionally created to induce a calm mind, an open heart, a relaxed meditative state of being and gently touch the sensitive depths of the human experience with textural tones of a transcendent harmony that feeds the soul with 'good sounds and good feels.'

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the journey begin and complete?

The Yoga of Guitar course begins when you enroll! And you are welcome to take your time with the sessions or move through it at your own pace!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

I am new, is this right for me?

Yes!!! This course is a great way to begin your musical path on the guitar!!!

I already know how to play some guitar, is this course right for me?

YES!!! This course was specifically designed to cover the whole spectrum of experience and ability!!!!